• Bus Shuttle for Cruise Ships or Airport Transfers

      Want a cheaper way of getting to Sydney Airport or Cruise Ship Terminals in Sydney?

      Contact PLAN B Shuttle for the best prices and fastest way to get you on board and ready to take off!


    • Love this service. So much easier, so friendly and just would like to let everyone know that if you are going on a cruise or thinking of flying out for a holiday, get in touch with these guys for your bus service. You will be amazed at the offers they can provide.

      Rating: Sarah. T

    • Made my trip so much easier. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get to Circular Quay Cruise Terminal or Sydney Airport. Made our holiday a nice and simple one. Thank you very much.

      Rating: Rayleen

    • What a brilliant Service. So much more convenient than organising a bus for $$$ to get us to White Bay Terminal. Thank you kindly for the great chat as well during our transfer. Absolutely love this company!

      Rating: Mike